Company presentation

WK GROUP SRL is a limited liability company, unic shareholder Werner Keul.

The activities of the company are : design, development, construction and project revaluation, especially in real estate, industrial, commercial and civil.

The management of the company WK GROUP SRL has a vast experience in the design and construction of buildings for retail, logistics and production for the industry as well as housing.The company is consulting and leading foreign investors, especially Germans, to achieve production and trade investments in Romania. Among the customers we mention: SIEMENS, HARTING, TAKATA, ATLASSIB, REWE, GÜHRING, KUHNKE, AERONAMIC, ROB SYSTEM, HARTMANN and many others.

WK Group is one of the few companies that can provide an investor a complete turnkey investment.Given the size of  the romanian market WK Group doesn’t face any competition, because it offers a almost unic service for Romania, to satisfy any investor.

Simple and efficient, constuctive and maintenance solutions, both economic and energetic reprezent the essence of the companies policy, combined with the rigorous German way of thinking.